Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

The Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities brings people and place to life and from that our desire to think, examine, express and create, to act collectively for positive social change. As a new faculty that is our purpose – to provide the foundation and inspiration for living and to work towards a better life for everyone, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society.

We promote ways in which people can live meaningful, healthy, secure and sustainable lives as well as improving our understanding of human thought, culture and art, to advance an inquisitive, harmonious and equitable society.

We empower individuals with the knowledge and skills like creative problem-solving, analytical thinking, communication and practical expertise to make positive personal choices in daily life. We influence structures, systems and institutions that impact on how people lead their lives and empower communities through social change.

Expand, Learn, Connect: Nepal 2024

Does a cultural exchange in Kathmandu, Nepal interest you? The opportunity to immerse yourself in the Nepalese culture is open to students from the Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, who are in their 3rd or 4th year of studies.

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a uni student?

Discovery Days at the University of Wollongong allow Year 12 students from across the state to experience life on campus.


[speaker one] How's your Discovery day be it's been?

[speaker two] Pretty good, the campuses are massive and It's like really cool. It's my first time being to like a university, it's cool to actually like, experience these things for the first time.

[speaker three] It's really nice. I love like, how many trees there are and like, all the food, like having like my favourite Mexican place just over there was really cool.

[speaker four] Just like they had so much resources and stuff it seems, seems really crazy.

[speaker five] my anticipation of uni would be it's really scary, but I like the vibe around, it looks very welcoming and uh yeah I'd definitely like to come to og视讯注册-og视讯网-apple app store排行榜


Restoring Dorm for Tanzanian Girls

The dormitory for girls at Manyara Primary School, located near Babati in Tanzania, is in an uninhabitable condition. To address this, a team consisting of 16 students and academics from og视讯注册-og视讯网-apple app store排行榜 will be travelling there to assist in restoring the dormitory, making it a safe, stable, and hygienic environment.

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